Perspectives on Evidence-Informed Public Health | (6 Videos)

NCCMT is committed to sharing stories that illustrate how organizations across Canada are implementing evidence-informed public health (EIPH). This series talks about the state of EIPH in Canada.

Using NCCMT Resources in Education | (2 Videos)

NCCMT resources, publications and online learning modules focusing on evidence-informed public health are being incorporated into the curricula of post-secondary institutions across Canada. In these short videos, professors from two Canadian universities

Evidence-informed Public Health series hosted by Donna Ciliska | (8 Videos)

Evidence-Informed Public Health (EIPH) is the process of finding, appraising, distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research – both quantitative and qualitative research – and using that evidence to inform and improve health policy. These videos describe each of NCCMT's recommended seven steps involved in the EIPH process.

KT workshop - Preventing Childhood Obesity (Jan 2013) | (1 Videos)

Summary of workshop held January, 2013.